DefendIO Android Crackmes – Jumbled

–[ Introduction ]

It has been some time since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d look at the Android crackmes posted by DefendIO (link)! The link to the crackmes has got a number of challenges, of different levels. There are a lot of starter challenges (level 1), a level 2 and a level 4 challenge!

This is the writeup of the level 2 challenge, called ‘jumbled cme’!

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DefendIO Android Crackmes – Jumbled

Hacky Easter 2015 – Clumsy Cloud


Hello there again, welcome back! This another hard challenge from the Hacky Easter 2015 challenges, and it’s all in the cloud! It is an Android challenge, with your typical application-to-webservice set-up, where we use the app’s code to win!

Cjallenge 26 banner.
Challenge 26 banner.

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Hacky Easter 2015 – Clumsy Cloud